Open Positions

Postdoctoral position in Neuroepigenetics

The lab of Isabelle Mansuy (University and ETH Zürich) is looking for an experienced epigeneticist interested in neuroscience. The project aims at investigating the mechanisms underlying the impact of environmental factors on the epigenome and genome in relation to brain functions and behavior across generations. The purpose is to examine the effects of exposure onto genome sequence and structure including retrotransposition and chromatin looping, and their transgenerational inheritance.

The candidate should have a solid theoretical and practical knowledge in genetics and epigenetics, and be experienced in advanced genome technologies. She/he will join a pluridisciplinary team at the interface of neurobiology, epigenetics and bioinformatic, using an approach based on genetically and environmentally-modified mouse models. The candidate should have an interest in exploring novel rules linking the environment to the genome and the epigenome, and in translational research relevant for human health and diseases. A strong team spirit, scientific creativity and high motivation are desired. The University and ETH Zürich offer optimal working conditions, ample lab space and technological support, and a scientific environment with a large and active community.

This 3-5 years position is available immediately. Applications including a detailed cv, letter of motivation and scientific track record should be sent to Isabelle Mansuy:

MD-PhD position in Neuroepigenetics

The lab of Isabelle Mansuy (University and ETH Zürich) is looking for a MD-PhD student for a project in neuroepigenetics. The project investigates the epigenetic mechanisms involved in the expression and the inheritance of traits or symptoms resulting from experiences or environmental factors in early life. It focuses on the mechanisms that modify the activity of the genome in relation to behavior and metabolism in mice across generations. The main goal is to identify the factors that link early experiences such as trauma to epigenetic alterations in the brain and germ cells and determine how they are causally linked to behavioral and metabolic symptoms across generations. Epigenetic marks including DNA methylation, histone/protamines modifications and/or non-coding RNAs are being studied.

The project is embedded in a research program on transgenerational epigenetic inheritance in mice and humans carried out by a team of neurobiologists, epigeneticists and behaviorists. It is based on a pluridisciplinary approach that uses a mouse model of trauma in combination with omics approaches including transcriptomics, metabolomics, etc, behavioral and cell biology techniques, and bioinformatics. Clinical analyses in trauma patients are also conducted.

This 3-4 years position is available in the Laboratory of Neuroepigenetics, University and ETH Zürich, Brain Research Institute, Irchel Campus, Zürich. Applications including a detailed cv, letter of motivation and scientific track record should be sent to Isabelle Mansuy:

Master`s position in Bioinformatics

We are looking for a highly motivated student interested in the analyses of multi-omics data using state-of-the-art pipelines and algorithms. The project is at the interface between biology and computation and aims to identify the mechanisms underlying epigenetic inheritance in mammals. It is based on data from DNA methylome, transcriptome, chromatin structure, proteome, metabolome in mouse models and/or humans. The student will be embedded in a team of bioinformaticians and biologists who tightly collaborate to solve a major question about heredity important for biology, medicine and evolution.

Programming in R/Python and knowledge of UNIX-like platform is required. Knowledge of Git and some experience in analyzing NGS data is advantageous, but not necessary. Applicants with research experience are particularly encouraged to apply. The position is available now, for a minimum of 6 months. Applicants from biology, bioinformatics, mathematics, computer science, physics or any relevant interdisciplinary background are welcome.

Applications including a detailed CV and a letter of motivation should be sent to Isabelle Mansuy ( or Deepak Tanwar ( Further details and project outline can be obtained by email or phone contact. Deepak Tanwar: + 41 44 635 33 49.