Monday Seminar

Lecture hall 35F32, 12:30pm

19 February 2018
Host: Földy
Balázs Hangya
Koki, HU
Tonic and phasic properties of central cholinergic neurons in sensory detection
26 February 2018
Host: Karayannis
Shiva Tyagarajan
Compartmentalised signalling in stroke: from microglia to synapses
5 March 2018
Host: Karayannis
Alan Carleton
University of Geneva, CH
Restoring wild type-like network dynamics and behavior during adulthood in a mouse model of schizophrenia
12 March 2018
Host: Jessberger
Randall Platt
ETH Zurich, CH
In vivo gene editing and genetic screening with CRISPR-Cas systems
19 March 2018
Host: Jessberger
Robert Hindges
Kings College London, UK
The roles of synaptic adhesion molecules to shape functional visual circuits
26 March 2018
Host: Helmchen
Wolfgang Maass
TU Graz, AT
Searching for principles of brain computation
2 April 2018 EASTER MONDAY  
9 April 2018
Host: Schwab
Arthur Liesz
TU Munich, DE
Immunological mechanisms in stroke
16 April 2018 SECHSELÄUTEN  
23 April 2018
Host: Mansuy
Asya Rolls
Israel Institute of Technology, IL
Using the brain to control immunity and fight cancer: implications for placebo response
30 April 2018
Host: Schwab
Eran Perlson
University of Tel Aviv, IL
ALS as a spatiotemporal mis-localization disease
7 May 2018
Host: Mansuy
Urs Meyer
Study of gene-environment interactions in brain development
14 May 2018
Host: Földy
Laura Cancedda
IIT Genova, IT
Microglial Defects and Cognitive Impairment in a Mouse Model of Down Syndrome
21 May 2018 WHITE MONDAY  
28 May 2018
Host: Helmchen
Christian Ruff
Dazed and confused? Neural origins of behavioral variability in value-based choice