Monday Seminar

Lecture hall 35F32, 12:30pm


25 February 2019
HiFo/INI Joint
Host: F. Helmchen
Daniel Razansky
UZH/ETH Zurich, CH
"Toward whole brain functional optoacoustic neuro-tomography of calcium- and hemo-dynamics"
4 March 2019
Host: Karayannis
Clifford Kentros
"Investigating the Neural Circuitry of Memory Via Enhancer-Driven Gene Expression (EDGE)"
11 March 2019
Host: Földy
Marlene Bartos
University of Freiburg, CH
"Two-Photon imaging of engrams in the hippocampus"
1 April 2019
HiFo/INI Joint
Host: I. Mansuy
Ana Pombo
Max-Delbrück-Centrum, DE
“Cell-type specific 3D genome conformations in the mouse brain”
8 April 2019 SECHSELÄUTEN  
22 April 2019 EASTER MONDAY  
29 April 2019
Host: I. Mansuy
Carmen Sandi
"Brain mitochondria in anxiety and stress-coping behaviors”
6 May 2019
Host: T. Karayannis
Filippo Rijli
FMI Basel, CH

"Polycomb Regulation of Activity-Dependent

Transcription in Developing Sensory Neurons"

13 May 2019
Host: S. Jessberger
Malin Parmar
Lund University, SE
“Stem cell Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease: from cell replacement to circuitry reconstruction”
20 May 2019
HiFo/INI Joint
Host: Helmchen
Rosa Cossart
"A developmental scaffold for adult hippocampal dynamics"
27 May 2019
Host: Földy
Olivier Thoumine
Université Bordeaux, FR