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Brain Research Institute

The Funding


Our institute is currently supported by six ERC and SNSF Replacement grants (Starting, Consolidator, and Advanced):

2022 Isabelle Mansuy HMZ Stress
2022 Isabelle Mansuy EU Horizon Europe HappyMums
2022 Isabelle Mansuy EU Horizon Europe FAMILY
2021 Sebastian Jessberger SNF AdvG AGETRACK
2020 Isabelle Mansuy NCCR RNA & Disease
2020 Isabelle Mansuy EU H2020 EarlyCause
2015 Sebastian Jessberger CoG STEMBAR
2015 Theofanis Karayannis StG INTERWIRING
2014 Csaba Földy StG TRANSSYNAPSE later replaced by SNF StG replacement scheme
2014 Sebastian Jessberger SNF CoG METABOSTEM
2014 Fritjof Helmchen AdvG BRAINCOMPATH
2011 Martin Schwab AdvG NOGORISE

Further, we receive funding from the Swiss National Science Foundation, the Dr. Eric-Slack-Gyr foundation, and a number of other foundations and funding agencies (e.g., BRAIN Initiative; EMBO; HFSP; Wyss Translational Center Zurich).