Wenshu Luo

Wenshu Luo
044 63 53261
E-Mail: luo

Wenshu obtained her PhD in the National Institute of Genetics, Japan, in Prof. Takuji Iwasato’s lab. She has in-depth expertise in designing and applying complex molecular complex molecular strategies for in vivo gene and protein manipulations. Wenshu’s work focuses on neuronal rewiring events in the adult brain.



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Luo W, Mizuno H, Iwata R, Nakazawa S, Yasuda K, Itohara S, Iwasato T. (2016) Supernova: A Versatile Vector System for Single-Cell Labeling and Gene Function Studies in vivo. Sci Rep. 6:35747.

Mizuno H, Luo W, Tarusawa E, Saito YM, Sato T, Yoshimura Y, Itohara S, Iwasato T. (2014) NMDAR-regulated dynamics of layer 4 neuronal dendrites during thalamocortical reorganization in neonates. Neuron. 82(2):365-79.