Open Positions

Applications welcome

The Laboratory of Neural Circuit Dynamics is encouraging prospective Ph.D and post-doc applications to the lab. Please provide, in addition to your CV, a two-page letter summarizing your past scientific career but place emphasis on a research proposal that you feel passionate about and believe you can carry out in the lab.

Send you application to this email address and CC this email address.

PhD Position in lightsheet microscopy

We are currently looking for a PhD student that is interested in studying neuronal circuits and continuing the development of the mesoSPIM, a light-sheet microscope capable of imaging large neuronal tissue. If you are at the interface of optics and neuroscience, please have a look at the details:

PhD_Position_MesoSPIM (PDF, 229 KB)

Masters Projects

We currently have 2 masters and 2 shorter semester projects available in the field of theoretical/computational neuroscience for students with a strong background in computation. Contact

download (PDF, 333 KB)

There is also a Mastersproject available with Dr. Dr. Anna-Sophia Wahl as part of the Junior Group AS Wahl.