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Groos D, Reuss AM, Rupprecht P, Stachniak T, Han S, Lewis CM, Sych Y, Wieckhorst M, Karayannis T, Aguzzi A, Helmchen F (2023) Distinct hypothalamus-habenula circuits govern risk preference. bioRxiv; doi: link

Schoenfeld G, Kollmorgen S, Lewis C, Bethge P, Reuss AM, Aguzzi A, Mante V, Helmchen F (2021) Dendritic integration of sensory and reward information facilitates learning. bioRxiv, link


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Gross D, Helmchen F (2024) The lateral habenula: A hub for value-guided behavior. Cell Reports, 15(1):2679. doi: 10.1038/s41467-024-46770-2 link (Review)

Rupprecht P, Duss SN, Becker D, Lewis CM, Bohacek J, Helmchen F (2024) Centripetal integration of past events in hippocampal astrocytes regulated by locus coeruleus. Nature Neuroscience, in press (preprint on   link

Masala N, Mittag M, Ambrad Giovannetti E, O'Neil DA, Distler FJ, Rupprecht P, Helmchen F, Yuste R, Fuhrmann M, Beck H, Wenzel M, Kelly T (2024) Aberrant hippocampal Ca2+ micro-waves following synapsin-dependent adeno-associated viral expression of Ca2+ indicators. eLife, Reviewed Preprint, doi: link

Han S, Helmchen F (2023) Behavior-relevant top-down cross-modal predictions in mouse neocortex. Nature Neuroscience 27:298–308, doi: link


Wilhelm M*, Sych Y*, Fomins A, Alatorre Warren JL,  Lewis CM, Serratosa Capdevila L, Boehringer R, Amadei EA, Grewe BF, O'Connor EC, Hall B, Helmchen F (2023) Striatum-projecting prefrontal cortex neurons support working memory maintenance. Nature Communications, 14, 7016.  link (* equal contribution)

Marmor O, Pollack Y, Doron C, Helmchen F, Gilad A (2023) History information emerges in the cortex during learning. eLife, 12:e83702. link 

Lewis CM, Hoffmann A, Helmchen F (2023) Linking brain activity across scales with simultaneous opto- and electrophysiology. Neurophotonics, 11(3):033403. (Review) link

Ibanez V, Bohlen L, Manuella F, Mansuy IM, Helmchen F, Wahl AS (2023) EXPLORE: A novel deep learning-based analysis method for exploration behaviour in object recognition tests. Scientific Reports, 13(1):4249. link

Voigt F, Reuss AM, Naert T, Hildebrand S, Schaettin M, Hotz AL, Whitehead L, Bahl A, Neuhauss SCF, Roebroeck A, Stoeckli ET, Lienkamp SS, Aguzzi A, Helmchen F (2024) Reflective multi-immersion microscope objectives inspired by the Schmidt telescope. Nature Biotechnology, 42(1):65-71. link  
Schmidt objective


Wu Y, Bottes S, Fisch R, Zehnder C, Cole JD, Pilz GA, Helmchen F, Simons BD, Jessberger S (2023) Chronic in vivo imaging defines age-dependent alterations of neurogenesis in the mouse hippocampus. Nature Aging, 3(4)  
Nature Aging Volume 3 Issue 4


Banerjee A, Wang BA, Teutsch J, Helmchen F, Pleger B (2023) Analogous cognitive strategies for tactile learning in the rodent and human brain. Progress in Neurobiology, 102401. doi: 10.1016/j.pneurobio.2023.102401. (Review) link


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Cai R*, Kolabas ZI*, Pan C, Mai H, Zhao S, Kaltenecker D, Voigt FF, Molbay M, Ohn T, Vincke C, Todorov MI, Helmchen F, Van Ginderachter JA, Ertürk A (2022) Whole mouse clearing and imaging at cellular level with vDISCO, Nature Protocols, Online ahead of print, doi: 10.1038/s41596-022-00788-2link (*equal contribution)

Sych Y, Fomins A, Novelli L, Helmchen F (2022) Mesoscale brain dynamics reorganizes and stabilizes during learning, Cell Reports, 40(12):111394. link

Fomins A, §Sych Y, §Helmchen F (2022) Conservative significance testing of tripartite interactions in multivariate neural data. Network Neuroscience, 6(4): 1243–1274link (§ co-senior authors)

Ni R, Dean-Ben XL, Kirschenbaum D, Rudin M, Chen Z, Crimi A, Voigt FF, Nilsson KPR, Helmchen F,  Nitsch R, Aguzzi A, Razansky D, Klohs J (2022) Whole brain optoacoustic tomography reveals strain-specific regional beta-amyloid densities in Alzheimer’s disease amyloidosis models, Nature Biomedical Engineering, 6(9) 

Dean KM, Chakraborty T, Daetwyler S, Lin J, Garrelts G, M'Saad O, Mekbib HT, Voigt FF, Schaettin M, Stoeckli ET, Helmchen F, Bewersdorf J, Fiolka R (2022). Isotropic imaging across spatial scales with axially swept light-sheet microscopy. Nature Protocols, 17:2025–

Lalive AL, Congiu M, Lewis C, Groos D, Clerke JA, Tchenio A, Ge Y, Helmchen F, Mameli M (2022) Synaptic inhibition in the lateral habenula shapes reward anticipation. Current Biology 32(8):1829-1836.e4. link


Fagerholm ED, Foulkes WMC, Gallero-Salas Y, Helmchen F, Moran RJ, Friston KJ, Leech R. (2022) Estimating anisotropy directly via neural timeseries.  Journal of Computational Neuroscience, 50:241–249. link


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Perin P, Rossetti R, Ricci C, Cossellu D, Lazzarini S, Bethge P, Voigt FF, Helmchen F, Batti L, Gantar I, Pizzala R. (2021) 3D Reconstruction of the clarified rat hindbrain choroid plexus. Frontiers Cell Dev Biol. 9:692617. link

Zerbi V, Pagani M, Markicevic M, Matteoli M, Pozzi D, Fagiolini M, Bozzi Y, Galbusera A, Scattoni ML, Provenzano G, Banerjee A, Helmchen F, Albert Basson M, Ellegood J, Lerch JP, Rudin M, Gozzi A§, Wenderoth N§ (2021) Brain mapping across 16 autism mouse models reveals a spectrum of functional connectivity subtypes, Molecular Psychiatry, 26:7610-7620. link (§ co-senior authors)

Rupprecht P, Carta S, Hoffmann A, Echizen M, Kitamura K, Helmchen F§, Friedrich RW§ (2021) A deep learning toolbox for noise-optimized, generalized spike inference from calcium imaging data, Nature Neuroscience, 24(9):1324-1337. link (§ co-senior authors)

Brattoli B*, Buechler U*, Dorkenwald M, Reiser P, Filli L, Helmchen F, Wahl AS§, Ommer B§ (2020). uBAM: Unsupervised Behavior Analysis and Magnification using Deep Learning, Nature Machine Intelligence, 3:495–506. link (* equal contribution) (§ co-senior authors)

Fagerholm ED, Foulkes WMC, Gallero-Salas Y, Helmchen F, Friston KJ, Leech R, Moran RJ (2020) Network constraints in scale free dynamical systems, Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, 15:643148. link 

Gallero-Salas Y, Han S, Sych Y, Voigt FF, Laurenczy B, Gilad A§, Helmchen F§ (2021) Sensory and behavioral components of neocortical signal flow in discrimination tasks with short-term memory, Neuron, 109(1):135-148.e6. link (§ co-senior authors)

Bottes S*, Jaeger BN*, Pilz GA*, Jörg DJ, Cole JD, Kruse M, Harris L, Korobeynyk VI, Mallona I, Helmchen F, Guillemot F, Simons BD, Jessberger S (2021) Long-term self-renewing stem cells in the adult mouse hippocampus identified by intravital imaging, Nature Neuroscience, 24(2):225-233. link (* equal contribution) 


Ineichen C, Greter A, Baer M, Sigrist H, Sautter E, Sych, Y, Helmchen F, Pryce CR (2020). Basomedial amygdala activity in mice reflects specific and general aversion uncontrollability. European Journal of Neuroscience, 2022; 55:2435–2454. link

Kastli R*, Vighagen R*, van der Bourg A*, Argunsah AO*, Iqbal A, Voigt FF, Kirschenbaum D, Aguzzi A, Helmchen F, Karayannis T (2020) Developmental divergence of sensory stimulus representation in cortical interneurons, Nature Communications, 11:5729.  link (* equal contribution) 

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Renz AF, Lee J, Tybrandt K, Brzezinski M, Lorenzo Mercado DA, Cheraka MC, Lee J, Helmchen F, Vörös J,  Lewis CM (2020) Opto-E-Dura: a soft, stretchable ECoG array for multimodal, multi-scale neuroscience, Advanced Health Materials, 9(17):e2000814. link 

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New Book Release:

Optical Imaging of Neocortical Dynamics. Bruno Weber and Fritjof Helmchen eds., Neuromethods, vol. 85, Springer Science+Business Media New York (2014) link

  • Helmchen F, Weber B. Neocortex in the Spotlight: Concepts, Questions, and Methods. (Chapter 1)
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  • Margolis DJ, Lütcke H, Helmchen F, Weber B, Haiss F. Chronic Two-Photon Imaging of Neural Activity in the Anesthetized and Awake Behaving Rodent. (Chapter 10)
Optical Imaging of Neocortical Dynamics


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Book Release:

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