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Selected Publications

Royall LN, Machado D, Jessberger S, Denoth-Lippuner A (2023) Asymmetric inheritance of centrosomes maintains stem cell properties in human neural progenitor cells. eLife 12.pdf (PDF, 3 MB)  

Wu Y, Bottes S, Fisch R, Zehnder C, Cole JD, Pilz GA, Helmchen F, Simons BD, Jessberger S (2023) Chronic in vivo imaging defines age-dependent alterations of neurogenesis in the mouse hippocampus. Nature Aging pdf (PDF, 7 MB)

Bin Imtiaz MK, Royall LN, Gonzalez-Bohorquez D, Jessberger S (2022) Human neural progenitors establish a diffusion barrier in the endoplasmic reticulum membrane during cell division. Development 149.pdf (PDF, 7 MB)

Cole JD, Sarabia Del Castillo J, Gut G, Gonzalez-Bohorquez D, Pelkmans L, Jessberger S (2022) Characterization of the neurogenic niche in the aging dentate gyrus using iterative immunofluorescence imaging. eLife 11.pdf (PDF, 9 MB)

Gonzalez-Bohorquez D, Gallego Lopez IM, Jaeger BN, Pfammatter S, Bowers M, Semenkovich CF, Jessberger S (2022) FASN-dependent de novo lipogenesis is required for brain development. PNAS 119.pdf (PDF, 3 MB)

Denoth-Lippuner A, Jaeger BN, Liang T, Chie SE, Royall LN, Buthey K, Machado D, Korobeynyk VI, Kruse M, Munz CM, Gerbaulet A, Simons BD, Jessberger S (2021) Visualization of individual cell division history in complex tissues using iCOUNT. Cell Stem Cell 28:1-15.pdf (PDF, 8 MB)

Bottes S, Jessberger S (2021) Live imaging of demyelination in the adult mouse corpus callosum. PNASpdf (PDF, 1 MB)

Bin Imtiaz MK, Jaeger BN, Bottes S, Machado RAC, Vidmar M, Moore DL, Jessberger S (2021) Declining lamin B1 expression mediates age-dependent decreases of hippocampal stem cell activity. Cell Stem Cell.pdf (PDF, 4 MB)

Denoth-Lippuner A, Jessberger S (2021) Formation and integration of new neurons in the adult hippocampus. Nature Reviews Neuroscience.pdf (PDF, 2 MB)

Bottes S, Jaeger BN, Pilz GA, Jorg DJ, Cole JD, Kruse M, Harris L, Korobeynyk VI, Mallona I, Helmchen F, Guillemot F, Simons BD, Jessberger S (2021) Long-term self-renewing stem cells in the adult mouse hippocampus identified by intravital imaging. Nature Neurosci 24:225-233.pdf (PDF, 15 MB)

Jaeger BN, Yángüez E, Gesuita L, Denoth-Lippuner A, Kruse M, Karayannis T, Jessberger S (2020) Miniaturization of Smart-seq2 for high-throughput single-cell and single-nuclei RNA sequencing. STAR Protocols 1, 100081 pdf

Giger S, Kovtonyuk LV, Utz SG, Ramosaj M, Kovacs WJ, Schmid E, Ioannidis V, Greter M, Manz MG, Lutolf MP, Jessberger S*, Knobloch M* (2020) A Single Metabolite which Modulates Lipid Metabolism Alters Hematopoietic Stem/Progenitor Cell Behavior and Promotes Lymphoid Reconstitution. Stem Cell Reports 15:1-11 *shared corresponding author pdf

Bowers M, Liang T, Gonzalez-Bohorquez D, Zocher S, Jaeger BN, Kovacs W, Röhrl C, Cramb K, Winterer J, Kruse M, Dimitrieva S, Overall RW, Wegleiter T, Najmabadi H, Semenkovich CF, Kempermann G, Földy C, Jessberger S (2020) FASN-dependent lipid metabolism links neural stem/progenitor cell activity to learning and memory deficits. Cell Stem Cell pdf

Wegleiter T, Buthey K, Gonzalez-Bohorquez D, Hruzova M, Bin Imtiaz MK, Abegg A, Mebert I, Molteni A, Kollegger D, Pelczar P, Jessberger S (2019) Palmitoylation of BMPR1a regulates neural stem cell fate. PNAS 51:25688-25696. pdf

Pilz GA, Bottes S, Betizeau M, Jörg DJ, Carta S, Simons BD, Helmchen F, Jessberger S (2018) Live imaging of neurogenesis in the adult hippocampus. Science 359:658-662 pdf

Knobloch M, Pilz GA, Ghesquiere B, Kovacs WJ, Wegleiter T, Moore DL, Hruzova M, Zamboni N, Carmeliet P, Jessberger S (2017) A Fatty Acid Oxidation-Dependent Metabolic Shift Regulates Adult Neural Stem Cell Activity. Cell Reports 20 2144–2155 pdf

Beckervordersandforth R, Ebert B, Schäffner I, Moss J, Fiebig C, Shin J, Moore DL, Ghosh L, Trinchero MF, Stockburger C, Friedland K, Steib K, von Wittgenstein J, Keiner S, Redecker C, Hölter SM, Xiang W, Wurst W, Jagasia R, Schinder AF, Ming GL, Toni N, Jessberger S, Song H, Lie DC (2017) Role of Mitochondrial Metabolism in the Control of Early Lineage Progression and Aging Phenotypes in Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis. Neuron 93(3):560-573

Wong BW, Wang X, Zecchin A, Thienpont B, Cornelissen I, Kalucka J, García-Caballero M, Missiaen R, Huang H, Brüning U, Blacher S, Vinckier S, Goveia J, Knobloch M, Zhao H, Dierkes C, Shi C, Hägerling R, Moral-Dardé V, Wyns S, Lippens M, Jessberger S, Fendt SM, Luttun A, Noel A, Kiefer F, Ghesquière B, Moons L, Schoonjans L, Dewerchin M, Eelen G, Lambrechts D, Carmeliet P (2017) The Role of fatty acid β-oxidation in Lymphangiogenesis. Nature 542(7639):49-54

Pilz GA, Carta S, Ayaz A, Staeuble A, Jessberger S*, Helmchen FH* (2016) Functional imaging of dentate granule cells in the adult hippocampus. J Neuroscience 13:7407-14 *shared senior author pdf

Knobloch M, Jessberger (2017) Metabolism and Neurogenesis. Current Opinion in Neurobiology (1)45-52 pdf

Moore DL, Jessberger S. (2017) Creating Age Asymmetry: Consequences of Inheriting Damaged Goods in Mammalian Cells. Trends in Cell Biol (16)30137-4 pdf

Rolando C, Erni A, Grison A, Beattie R, Engler A, Gokhale PJ, Milo M, Wegleiter T, Jessberger S, Taylor V (2016) Multipotency of Adult Hippocampal NSCs In Vivo Is Restricted by Drosha/NFIB. Cell Stem Cell 3:653-662 pdf

Costa V, Aigner S, Vukcevic M, Sauter E, Behr K, Ebeling M, Dunkley T, Friedlein A, Zoffmann S, Meyer CA, Knoflach F, Lugert S, Patsch C, Fjeldskaar F, Chicha-Gaudimier L, Kiialainen A, Piraino P, Bedoucha M, Graf M, Jessberger S, Ghosh A, Bischofberger J, Jagasia R (2016) mTORC1 Inhibition Corrects Neurodevelopmental and Synaptic Alterations in a Human Stem Cell Model of Tuberous Sclerosis. Cell Reports 15: 86-95 pdf

Moore DL, Pilz GA, Araúzo-Bravo MJ, Barral Y, Jessberger S. A mechanism for the segregation of age in mammalian neural stem cells. Science, 17 September 2015. doi:10.1126/science.aac9868 pdf

Braun SMG, Pilz GA, Machado RAC, Moss J, Becher B, Toni N, Jessberger S (2015) Programming hippocampal neural stem/progenitor cells into oligodendrocytes enhances remyelination in the adult brain after injury. Cell Reports pdf

Knobloch M, Von Schoultz C, Zurkirchen L, Braun SMG, Vidmar M, Jessberger S (2014) Spot14-positive neural stem/progenitor cells in the hippocampus respond dynamically to neurogenic regulators. Stem Cell Reports 3:1-8 pdf

Brunner J, Neubrandt M, Van-Weert S, Andrasi T, Kleine Borgmann FB, Jessberger S, Szabadics J (2014) Adult-born granule cells mature through two functionally distinct states. eLife 24, e03104 pdf

Jessberger S, Gage FH (2014) Adult neurogenesis: bridging the gap between mice and humans. Trends Cell Biol doi: 10.1016/j.tcb.2014.07.003 pdf

Pilz GA, Jessberger S (2014) ChATme up: how neurons control stem cells. Nature Neuroscience 7, 897-898 pdf

Braun SMG, Jessberger S (2014) Adult neurogenesis – mechanisms and functional significance. Development 141,1983-1986 pdf

Porcheri C, Suter U, Jessberger S (2014) Dissecting integrin-dependent regulation of neural stem cell proliferation in the adult brain. J Neuroscience 34(15):5222-32 pdf

Braun SMG, Machado RAC, Jessberger S (2013) Temporal control of retroviral transgene expression in newborn cells in the adult brain. Stem Cell Reports 2:114-122 pdf

Kleine Borgmann FB, Bracko O, Jessberger S (2013) Imaging neurite development of adult-born granule cells. Development 140:2823-2827 pdf

Vadodaria K, Brakebusch C, Suter U, Jessberger S (2013) Stage-Specific Functions of the Small Rho GTPases Cdc42 and Rac1 for Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis. J Neuroscience 33(3):1179-1189 pdf

Knobloch M, Braun SMG, Zurkirchen L, von Schoultz C, Zamboni N, Kovacs WJ, Araùzo-Bravo MJ, Karalay O, Suter U, Machado R, Roccio M, Lütolf MP, Semenkovich CF, Jessberger S (2013) Metabolic control of adult neural stem cell activity by Fasn-dependent lipogenesis. Nature 493(7431):226-30 pdf

Ghosh L, Jessberger S (2013) Supersize me - new insights into cortical expansion and gyration of the mammalian brain. EMBO Journal 32(13):1793-1795 pdf

Bracko O, Singer T, Aigner S, Knobloch M, Winner B, Ray J, Clemenson GD, Suh H, Couillard-Depres S, Aigner L, Gage FH, Jessberger S (2012) Gene expression profiling of neural stem cells and their neuronal progeny reveals IGF2 as a regulator of adult hippocampal neurogenesis. J Neuroscience 32(10):3376-3387 pdf

Karalay O, Doberauer K, Vadodaria KC, Knobloch M, Berti L, Miquelajauregui A, Schwark M, Jagasia R, Taketo MM, Tarabykin V, Lie DC, Jessberger S (2011) Prospero-related homeobox 1 gene (Prox1) is regulated by canonical Wnt signaling and has a stage-specific role in adult hippocampal neurogenesis. PNAS 108(14):5807-12. pdf

Knobloch M, Jessberger S (2011) Perspectives on adult neurogenesis. EJN 33, 1013-1017 pdf

Braun SMG, and Jessberger S (2010) Crossing Boundaries: Direct reprogramming of fibroblasts into neurons. Cell Stem Cell 5;6(3):189-191. pdf

Mira H, Andreu Z, Suh H, Lie DC, Jessberger S, Consiglio A, San Emeterio J, Hortigüela R, Marqués-Torrejón MA, Nakashima K, Colak D, Götz M, Fariñas I, Gage FH (2010) Signalling through BMPR-IA regulates quiescence and long-term activity of neural stem cells in the adult hippocampus. Cell Stem Cell 2:78-89 pdf

Jessberger S, Gage FH, Eisch AJ, Lagace DC (2009) Making a neuron: Cdk5 in embryonic and adult neurogenesis. Trends in Neurosciences 32, 575-582.

Clelland CD, Choi M, Romberg C, Clemenson GD, Jr., Fragniere A, Tyers P, Jessberger S, Saksida LM, Barker RA, Gage FH, Bussey TJ (2009) A functional role for adult hippocampal neurogenesis in spatial pattern separation. Science 325:210-213. pdf

Maji SK, Perrin MH, Sawaya MR, Jessberger S, Vadodaria K, Rissman RA, Singru PS, Nilsson KP, Simon R, Schubert D, Eisenberg D, Rivier J, Sawchenko P, Vale W, Riek R (2009) Functional amyloids as natural storage of peptide hormones in pituitary secretory granules. Science 325:328-332. pdf

Jessberger S, Clark RE, Broadbent N, Clemenson GD, Consiglio A, Lie DC, Squire LR, Gage FH (2009) Dentate gyrus-specific knockdown of adult neurogenesis impairs spatial and object recognition memory in adult rats. Learning + Memory 16, 147-154 pdf

Jessberger S, Gage FH (2009) Fate Plasticity of Adult Hippocampal Progenitors: Biological Relevance and Therapeutic Use. Trends in Pharmacol Sciences 30, 61-65 pdf

Jessberger S, Aigner S, Clemenson GD, Toni N, Lie DC, Karalay O, Overall R, Kempermann G, Gage FH (2008) Cdk5 Regulates Accurate Maturation of Newborn Granule Cells in the Adult Hippocampus. PLoS Biol 6:e272. pdf

Jessberger S, Toni N, Clemenson Jr GD, Ray J, Gage FH (2008) Directed differentiation of hippocampal stem/progenitor cells in the adult brain. Nature Neuroscience 11:888-893. pdf

Jessberger S, Nakashima K, Clemenson GD, Jr., Mejia E, Mathews E, Ure K, Ogawa S, Sinton CM, Gage FH, Hsieh J (2007) Epigenetic modulation of seizure-induced neurogenesis and cognitive decline. J Neuroscience 27:5967-5975 pdf

Jessberger S, Zhao C, Toni N, Clemenson GD, Jr., Li Y, Gage FH (2007) Seizure-associated, aberrant neurogenesis in adult rats characterized with retrovirus-mediated cell labeling. J Neuroscience 27:9400-9407. pdf

Jessberger S, Clemenson GD, Jr., Gage FH (2007) Spontaneous fusion and nonclonal growth of adult neural stem cells. Stem Cells 25:871-874. pdf

Lie DC, Colamarino SA, Song HJ, Desire L, Mira H, Consiglio A, Lein ES, Jessberger S, Lansford H, Dearie AR, Gage FH (2005) Wnt signalling regulates adult hippocampal neurogenesis. Nature 437:1370-1375. pdf

Kempermann G, Jessberger S, Steiner B, Kronenberg G (2004) Milestones of neuronal development in the adult hippocampus. Trends in Neurosciences 27:447-452. pdf

Jessberger S, Kempermann G (2003) Adult-born hippocampal neurons mature into activity-dependent responsiveness. Eur J Neurosci 18:2707-2712. pdf

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